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Why Choose a HAUK Health Assessment Test?

The HAUK HEALTH TEST is not just another medical. It is a rewarding health management experience that is very personal to you.

HAUK's test programmes are unique in that they are affordable and created for each individual. They are all undertaken in modern clinics with state of the art resources and fully qualified nurses, senior Doctors and Consultants and represent incredible value at only £595 fully inclusive.

HAUK offers one high level test that is designed specifically for your needs and depends on your initial health profile. From this profile a bespoke test is designed to assess your unique requirements.

The HAUK team believe:-

  • The NHS health assessments are not comprehensive, HAUK is comprehensive.

  • GP practices do not have the time to give a complete health assessment, and their protocol is based on intervention not prevention. HAUK’s whole business is based on prevention first.

  • Virtually all our competitors who give face to face advice use junior practitioners. HAUK uses senior consultant physicians.

  • Many of our competitors use computer generated, generalised reports. HAUK’s reports and action plans are presented specifically for the individual client.

  • Most reports we have reviewed are written in medical vernacular and are hard to understand and mainly directed at medical professionals. HAUK’s reports are done in easy to understand non-medical language.

    • Many of our competitors costs are either too low to give any credible assessment or too high to justify the tests and protocol sold. HAUK’s test charges are highly competitive and fit for purpose.

    • Most of our competitors cannot do a secondary test on samples provided because they do not have the storage capacity. HAUK is very conscious of a client’s time commitments and has the appropriate storage capacity.