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HAUK delivers two distinct tests

HAUK delivers two distinct tests, one exclusively for men and one exclusively for women. The tests will deliver an accurate point in time assessment covering all functional body systems. The results will be interpreted by our Consultants and put into a personal and confidential report and action plan.

The Process

  • One week before the appointment, you are sent a colon screening test, to undertake in your home a maximum of two days before the visit.

  • On the day of the test, you will attend one of our health assessment test centres in the morning or afternoon, having fasted for at least 12 hours, bringing your colon screening test.

  • You will be greeted by a receptionist and asked to fill out a medical history form. This will help the consulting physician to determine your present health status and plan your test regime. While you are seeing the testing nurse, the consulting doctor will review this form and design the pathology tests required.

  • You will then meet our testing nurse who will take a full fasting blood screen, measure all your vitals, give you an auditory and visual check and get a urinalysis sample.

  • At this point your samples will be sent to the laboratory by courier and you will be invited to have a beverage and light snack.

  • You will meet our medical assessment practitioner, a senior doctor who will give you a complete medical and go over in detail your medical history. The doctor will then discuss with you his immediate findings, and make arrangements to have a half hour phone discussion later in the day, to discuss the pathology results and any other issues or clarifications.

  • After this the morning session is over, you can leave the centre. Please allow three hours for the total procedure.

  • Later that day the pathology results are received and reviewed and a personal call is made to you.

  • At the end of this call for the reporting and clarification discussion, the doctor will ask for another half hour phone call time slot for a week later to go over the report and action plan that he has prepared.

  • The Doctor then writes up a report and action plan and sends both a bound and electronic copy to you.

  • A week later the doctor phones you and goes over the report and action plan, and again clarifies and discusses

  • You can have your report sent to your GP, fitness consultant or any other party you wish.

  • If you need treatment as determined from our investigations, you then have the option to use the NHS or private independent practitioners referred by your general practitioner, or those directed by our providers.