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Reviews about the HAUK test

  • Susanna S January 2017.
    • After anxiously looking at my phone, for over an hour, I finally found the courage to book a Health Screen with HAUK at the Mews Practice a few weeks ago. My fear was one that I am sure is shared with many….what if they find something!

      Having made the booking at a time to suit me, I arrived at the Practice in the morning. The Receptionist, who was clearly aware of my concerns, was professional , warm and reassuring in her greeting. I was introduced to the Nurse who was kind and gentle. She undertook the full range of HAUK tests over an hour and a half having sent the bloods to the Lab for testing and return, whilst I was still at the Practice.

      I then had breakfast, having been asked my preferences, when making the booking. When I had finished I saw the Doctor for what was, as promised, a full consultation with a physical check-up. The Doctor’s personality, evident experience and genuine interest in me, was quite extraordinary. In what turned out to be over an hour I found it easy to discuss, not just me, but my family, lifestyle issues and future plans. During this consultation my results were returned from the Lab and reviewed by the Doctor with me. This is not an ‘advertisement’ but a genuine appraisal of a moment in my life I wasn’t looking forward to! I now have peace of mind which is priceless.

  • John H September 2016
    • Although I am an owner of HAUK, it was with trepidation that I took my HAUK Assessment. We had spent months researching the market, determining our tests, developing our brand and our path to market, and the most important element, finding our Providing Partners. So when I drove to the clinic to have my HAUK assessment this was the culmination of a lot of effort. This was the final test to determine if what we planned to provide as one of the most complete, and professional health assessments in the UK had been achieved. In the past I have had many health tests and as an international athlete have been prodded and tested in many different ways!

      After the Mews Practice experience I felt elated…. we had done it! The process was seamless; the assessment procedure administered by all the staff and the doctor was off the scale in professionalism and empathy shown for such a personal undertaking. We had done it, we had put together a best in market health assessment at a reasonable price.

  • Jamie B 23rd November 2016
    • Having a full body health check is not something I was looking forward to. A touch of "white coat syndrome" most certainly makes you fear the worst. However, from the moment I stepped through the door the staff at HAUK [Mews] put me at ease. Their professional, friendly manner and the high quality of the service were exemplary. The results and full report were delivered very quickly and the action points were most helpful. I have no issue strongly recommending the service and have already encouraged my partners to undertake the health check.